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6 Life-Changing Habits to Harness the Power of Momentum


Habits. We all have them. Some are good. Probably a few are harmful. We forget to floss every day, but we’re great at brushing our teeth in the first place. We’re drinking plenty of water, but not getting to the gym. We’re learning to say ‘no’ at work, but we’re really falling down flat when it comes to networking. Why are habits so quick to push you into affirmative action and then equally fast (if not faster) at derailing you completely?


When you’re trying to accomplish something new, what we need is momentum. Momentum is the fuel in the engine driving change. Momentum is what keeps you going when you’d rather quit and go home.


So now combine habits and momentum. Imagine a series of habits, good ones, designed to help you reach your ultimate goals. Put the momentum behind those habits. Now, what do you see?


Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Let’s put it into practice with this series of Life-Changing Habits designed solely to harness the power of momentum:


Do Things Now

When you continuously jump in and get the next task done instead of putting it off, you keep the momentum going without allowing for a drop in speed. On the other hand, procrastination will cause everything to grind to a halt.


Break Down Tasks

To avoid overwhelm and allow momentum to build, break down big tasks into smaller ones, spread out over time. The second momentum flags look at what you’re trying to do, as it might be time to break things down again.


Give Time Value

The biggest mistake people make is to say yes to everything. While this practice might help someone else’s momentum, it absolutely kills yours. Start putting a value on your time. Say ‘no’ to projects that don’t support your momentum.



Some things aren’t even worth doing. Momentum is quickly lost when you’re stuck in the day-to-day. Why not keep working on what you need to realize your goals? To do this, give simple tasks to others to do. Do this often.


Do the Work

Shortcuts never fail to slow you down. Rather than fall for an unexpected detour, simply do the work every single day. That’s it. You’re not going to make progress any other way.


Don’t Get Comfortable

Complacency is the end of momentum. The moment things get comfortable, stuff stops happening. Constantly look for new challenges.


Above all, take action! Make doing stuff your first and foremost habit. Nothing in your life is going to change if you’re standing still. Momentum starts with you!





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