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Nakia Evans

Nakia Evans is more than a real estate coach; she's a visionary force in the industry, driven by a passion for transformation, innovation, and the power of dynamic leadership. With a magnetic voice that is charismatic and persuasive, Nakia has mastered the art of guiding real estate professionals toward success.

As a pioneer and catalyst for change, Nakia embodies the core values of transformation, vision, and innovation. Her superpowers lie in her entrepreneurial spirit, innovative mindset, and dynamic approach to coaching. Armed with a treasure trove of ideas, Nakia navigates the real estate landscape with a commitment to transforming the world and driving improvement through change.



Her motto, "Dream BIG and Let’s Get Moving!", encapsulates her ethos – urging her clients to envision expansive possibilities and take bold steps toward their goals. Nakia's coaching style is not just about imparting knowledge; it's a journey of manifestation, where ideas become reality, and change becomes a powerful catalyst for success.

While Nakia's charisma and masterful persuasion elevate her coaching sessions, her core desires are rooted in the profound transformation of individuals and the industry at large. Despite her shadowy tendency to harbor a multitude of ideas, Nakia channels her passion into a focused mission: to empower real estate professionals to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.


In the realm of real estate coaching, Nakia Evans stands as a beacon of inspiration, a dynamic leader pushing boundaries, and an entrepreneur paving the way for transformative success.


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